Sometimes we’ve got an idea of where we want to head, and just need someone to trade ideas with us, someone to bounce thoughts off. Other times we need help working out where it is we really want to go, help clearing the ‘fog’. In either case, this is why Iolite exists – it’s what we do. Iolite is a Wellington-based company that provides coaching and consulting services, for individuals, teams, and organisations. We’ve plenty of experience and a range of tools and services to support you or your organisation. Contact us to find out more. And if you haven’t heard of Iolite … Well, before it was a coaching and training consultancy, Iolite became famous as a purple gemstone used in navigation in Viking times. It’s a fascinating story you can read more about below.



Iolite is perhaps most famous for its association with the Vikings. Viking mariners used thin pieces of Iolite as a (perhaps the world's first) polaroid filter. Venturing as far out into the Atlantic Ocean as they did, the legendary Vikings lost sight of any coastline they might rely on to determine their position.

Yet it was Iolite that allowed them to maintain visibility of the sun even when the cloud rolled in. Looking through an iolite lens, they were able to determine the exact position of the sun, and navigate their way safely to the New World and back.

Iolite is an unusual gemstone in that it is, in fact, transparent. However, it ranges in colour from yellow-based, to blue or red-based purples depending entirely on how it is cut - much like people really; you see things differently depending on how you look at them, and one size doesn’t fit all.

Whether a gemstone for the Vikings or consulting services for your organisation, Iolite always cuts through the fog.

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