Iolite Coaching & Consulting was established in Wellington, New Zealand in 2007 by Claire Pearce. For the past 15+ years, Claire has designed and delivered training, coaching and support programmes for leaders and their staff across both public and private sector organisations in a wide range of industries.

Taking a partnership approach, Claire and Iolite work individually with each of their clients, giving them the tools and clarity required to determine where they need to lead their careers, their teams or their workplace.

Iolite’s emphasis on a facilitated process means that although Claire and her team might facilitate, coach, and support…the journey always remains in your hands.

"We simply put the best of our tools and experience at your disposal and our focus is then on supporting our clients as they learn to work with these processes so the success lasts beyond our involvement,” Claire explains.

"Our aim is to increase the toolkit you can use. Rather than creating dependent clients, we grow our business through word of mouth as we help our clients succeed,” says Claire.

All of Iolite’s services are delivered by qualified, experienced individuals with current memberships in their relevant professional associations, and governed by their codes of practice.

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