Claire Pearce BAppSci: Psychology, Dip Organisational Psychology, Dip Career Counselling, Cert. Supervision, Cert. Adult Teaching, MBTI and TMS qualified.

Professional Memberships: PMCDANZ, NZCCA, HRINZ

Claire, Principal Consultant of Iolite Coaching & Consulting Ltd, has over 15 years experience working closely with organisations and individuals as a coach, trainer, facilitator, and change manager.

She is passionate about seeing people flourish at work and seeing businesses thrive as they gain the tools to engage their staff and navigate the many challenges of business.

“It’s about working with people where they are, in the journey they’re on,” Claire explains.

“When clients walk in, it’s often because they’re completely stuck. We help remove the blocks and identify the next set of steps they can take…they walk out the door with a sense of momentum again and the next time we see them it’s often to share tales of their success.”

Before launching Iolite, Claire was the National Change & Career Coaching Manager for a national wellness provider, delivering change management support and career coaching programmes to many organisations and individuals across the public and private sector throughout New Zealand.

Claire takes a partnership approach to her work with clients, knowing that they need to own the process themselves if the results they achieve are to last beyond Claire’s involvement. This approach also allows Claire to work distinctly from an understanding of their perspective and needs.

“It’s always a partnering process - we use our insight and understanding to support our client's direction. We might help facilitate a process to help clarify that direction, but it’s always about our client's story and what they’re working to create” Claire adds.

Alongside her significant experience, Claire brings enormous enthusiasm, integrity, and insight to her work and takes enormous fulfilment from seeing others succeed.


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