COUNSELLING: can help with problems associated with thoughts, feelings or behaviours which can cause distress or difficulty in your daily life. Sessions generally focus on developing strategies to assist you to achieve change relating to areas which you identify.
Counselling can assist with:
· Coping with Change
· Work or Personal Stress
· Grief and Loss
· Career Transitions, Development or Performance
· Managing Conflict
· Communication
· Relationship Issues
· Post- or Ante- Natal Depression
· Life Skills
· Personal growth and development
· Developing Resilience
· Parenting
· Workplace Issues
· Trauma
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Christian beliefs and spirituality

If what you want to explore is not on this list, please discuss with me as this is only a sample of the areas I work in.

LIFE COACHING: assists and empowers a person to achieve their desired outcomes. Coaches do this through a structured and professional process combining sophisticated training, expanding awareness and designing supportive environments that inspire growth.

· Assists clients to identify and build on their strengths
· Assists clients to acknowledge weakness and focus on what’s working in their lives
· Helps clients establish compelling goals
· Inspires clients to achieve more by raising their expectations of what’s possible
· Empowers clients with practical and philosophical techniques and tools
· Motivates clients to sustain focus and steer them towards ultimate success.
CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality means that I will not disclose any matter relating to my clients with other people. In situations where safety or someone else’s safety is at risk, confidentiality may be limited. If this were the case, other professionals (for example, Doctor, CATT and / or Police) will be contacted and this will be done with your knowledge and consideration.

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