Whether you are looking to engage professional coaching on an individual basis for yourself or your staff, or whether you are wanting to engage the services of a counselor or life coach, Iolite has the people with the right skills to assist you.

Individual Coaching (bold)
Counselling & Life Coaching

Individual Coaching Services
• Career Coaching
• Leadership / Management Coaching
• Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling: (complete with MBTI logo)
• External Professional Supervision
• Increasing Individual’s Performance

Career Coaching:
Opportunity, disappointment, frustration, fulfilment, headaches and rewards – these seem to be common ingredients for most careers. This personalised service puts more of the control over your career back in your hands, whatever your situation.

Mapping out your future direction can sometimes feel like charting your way through fog. You may be returning to work or in a time of transition as a result of redundancy or organisational restructure. Perhaps you are seeking a portfolio career, or a way of transitioning into retirement. Or perhaps you feel trapped doing what you’ve always done.

Whatever the case, Iolite’s partnership approach will assist you in determining and then pursuing your career direction.

Effective career management begins with understanding yourself. Iolite offers a variety of career assessment tools designed to help you really understand and articulate your key skills, work interests and values. This ranges from well known tools such as Myers-Briggs personality profiling through to more customised tools for identifying core skills, interests and values, and and understanding key influences on your career and career decision-making.

Which skills do you wish you could use the most? Which skills would you most like to develop? And which skills do you wish you didn’t need at all? Are you passionate about certain industries or sectors? What are your career values and how do you get these values met within your world of work? What are your lifestyle needs and priorities? Effectively answering questions such as these will help equip you with the tools you need to identify your options, develop an action plan and to make informed and meaningful career decisions.

Employment coaching may be the next step in your career management process and our career coaches will also work with you on effective self-marketing to secure that next role. This can range from developing an effective CV and understanding the latest in interview techniques through to developing job search techniques to help you find that next role and then successfully navigating the interview process once you’ve found it.

Leadership / Management Coaching:
This is a personalised coaching service specifically designed for people who are new to executive, management, team leadership and supervisory roles. We also offer coaching for existing managers and leaders who want to reflect on their roles and improve their leadership skills. In conjunction with the coaching service our team will often make profiling tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or Team Management Systems (TMS) available as part of the programme. These tools can also be of great value in identifying the various strengths and challenges inherent in our natural leadership styles.

Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling:
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is a psychological personality profiling tool designed to help you understand yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth.

One of the most popular and recognised profiling tools in the world, it is used effectively to help individuals:
• understand themselves
• manage their stress
• develop their emotional intelligence (EQ)
• identify their preferred coaching and leadership style
• enhance their communication style
• identify how they are most likely to function within organisational and team
settings by focusing on how they contribute to the organisation in line with their preferred leadership styles, learning styles, problem-solving approaches, and work environments. It also raises awareness of potential pitfalls and suggestions for development.

Although we often recommend using Myers-Briggs as an ideal complement alongside our other services, the Iolite team can also provide Myers-Briggs as a stand alone service. MBTI is arguably the most widely used personality assessment in the world today.

External Professional Supervision:
This service is based on a dynamic partnership between the coach and the individual that’s designed to maximise both professional and personal growth. This service is commonly used by workplaces interested in developing leaders at all levels of the organisation.

Whether you are dealing with members of the public, or you are a team leader or manager within your organisation, this service is for you. Professional supervision gives you regular time to reflect on how you do your job, build on your vision and take time for forward planning.

Its an opportunity to examine what’s working well and what isn’t working as good as it could be. The supervisor will assist you to explore alternative ways of thinking, process what is currently happening and identify valuable learning opportunities in a safe, confidential and supportive environment that enables people to practically and successfully integrate new learnings into both their personal and professional life.

Working with a supervisor who is outside your own work context offers a distinct advantage by giving access to an impartial, outside perspective free of any of the associated politics, hierarchies and assumptions or preconceptions of your current environment. Supervision always offers a fresh perspective on your situation – one you cannot get yourself. An invaluable tool for managers and leaders at any level.

Increasing Individual’s Performance:
Poorly performing individuals are an enormous drain on an organisation’s resources – a truth that’s most acutely felt by their own direct managers and team-mates. Before heading down the expensive and time consuming performance management track, consider enlisting Iolite’s help. There can be any number of reasons contributing to a person’s poor performance. One-on-one career coaching to help identify these issues and assist individuals to determine a positive way forward that may save your organisation significant time and money – bringing a much more efficient resolution to the previous drain of precious resources.

The Iolite team are perfectly skilled to help clients identify and then address any hindrance to effective performance. In the rare cases where these issues cannot be managed effectively, our outplacement and career coaching services can also help individuals develop a better understanding of the fit for the role and identify potential opportunities that may be better suited to their abilities and passions.

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