What Our Clients Say ..

"Thanks for the feedback. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I have learnt a lot and will always continue to self-reflect. Thanks for making the process so comfortable for me.” Sally, Teacher

"Claire, thanks for applying your wisdom and skills to help me on my journey. You’ve a lot to offer I’m glad I could tap into some of it. A number of things have been falling into place for me lately, and your coaching was an important part of that. The fog has all but gone; I’m excited about applying myself for the first time in many years.” Sarah, Accountant

“The sessions helped clear away some of the fog of confusion around personal values and career values and enabled me to make an informed decision about career options. Fantastic coach.” Kevin, Lawyer.

“I came out of the sessions with a much clearer idea of what I want to do, and why,” Nicola, Product Manager.

“I came away with a clear direction and plan. An excellent process,” Marc, Team Leader.

“I was able to talk openly and have things reflected back in different ways – ie. joining the dots – and getting an outcome. I have and would highly recommend the services of Iolite” Rebecca, Training Administrator

“I gained insights into what I had buried as possible career aspirations. A great resource – I hope all staff use it. At first I was unsure how this would help me, but now I feel more excited about the future and not so panicked,” Sarah, Administration Manager

“Thank you!!! This career coaching was exactly what I needed, and so very helpful…. A lifeline. I would recommend this to others. Thank you for the sensitive, timely and professional help!” Alex, Design Manager.

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